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This is quality. Love when a song starts out predictable, but then takes unexpected turns

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cool song

Was trying to get to the link on youtube to watch you play, but it's either broken, and or is removed?

Copy-23 responds:

Thanks for the review!
I think the link I posted was the 'temporary' link by accident. I'll update it but i'll also send it to your inbox. Thanks a heap.


not much i can add that anyone else hasn't added already. i like the melody, and the progression.

although maybe i'd suggest adding an ambient piano behind the melody, but that's just what i'd do.

music is coming along quite well. good job!


:) yes

i have to agree with IIphase on this one

zelazon responds:

I'm glad you agree with him XD.


sounds good.

the only constructive criticism i have would be to change the drums, and their levels.. that's my opinion though, but otherwise this song is catchy, nicely done, reminds me of a faster, modernized version of 50's music.

zelazon responds:

If you have any suggestions at drums, feel free to pm me about them...

it's good.

the melody is awesome, everything sounds great (mixing wise)...

although, it needs a much longer break in the middle, it's like non-stop with the intensity, and it could also use a bit of a melody change, and catchier beats.. it actually kinda gets annoying real quick... i said the melody was good, but it stays the same throughout the entire song..

positives are the quality is excellent, the melody is catchy, and the levels are adjusted properly...

you asked for a review... and that is my honest opinion.


(i may have voted a 4 had not it been obvious you voted 5 upon entry, and yes, it's obvious when there's 1 listen, 1 vote, and 0 downloads... )

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Soulero responds:

Yes i do vote 5 as soon as i upload. Because i want people to notice it. This collab was pure fun. No structure at all :D So i know that its really repetative. Thanks for the review!


creative stuff, i dig this type of fast music

spartacusxerox responds:

Thanks bro, that's what I'd like to hear :)


love it

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im not a good judge of others songs submitted to the portal, but i just happened to listen to some of the new submits just now, and think for once here's a song in the top 20 or so that finally sounds like what a top 20 song should sound like.

it's not overbearing, and isn't filled with vst's like the eurogate crap i hear a lot of on this site.

good job man, keep it up.

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i agree

with the person below.

OpenLight responds:

Wow thanks so much! I'm trying really hard on this one, and it's so great to see some good reviews.

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