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This was a good time wasting game, and I happened to like who was flying the space ship at the end... :)

It is a fun game to play, but a couple things..

The Gargoyle- Maybe reduce the shots or just put a time limit on it- When everything is maxed it's easy to summon it during the time in between waves, and basically have it summoned twice in a row- assuming it's maxed out it does 10 shots for a maximum of 2000+ damage.

Easily defeated the game never falling below 50% HP- Defeated the scourge templar in roughly 2 minutes... Could of been harder.

Also I used the ice blast that would knock enemies back, so the slower enemies never touched the tower... Maybe increase their speed?

Anyway, had fun, and thanks!

It's nicely put together, and the game will waste some time for interest, but it's pretty... simple & uninteresting after about 4 or 5 levels into it... Needs something to make it challenging


The commentary is the best part

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Thumbs up!

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found a problem

i absolutely loved the first installment of this game, and the sequel is even better in my opinion, the music is also absolutely beautiful as well.

i found a problem however, when it comes to the figure trapped in the ice.

i found when i used my torch to thaw out both items, i went to get the bone, and that replaced the torch in my inventory. i avoided grabbing the arrow as to not get killed, instead i used the map to leave the area, but upon re-entering, the arrow which is encased in the ice, resets back into the ice, and because the bone replaced the torch in my inventory, i can no longer thaw the ice.

i plan on resetting the game, but i thought maybe you'd like to know this.

makopudding responds:

You only need one of the items, you can beat the game with either the arrow or the bone but you can't take both :)


the concept of the game is great, and it is addictive to play. the ideas in this game are a 10...

although i found this game to be incredibly easy too.

guaranteeing 100% accuracy with 11 people in the sniper tower is why this game never really had me at any point, having to think, or have any real strategy other than getting ammo. it actually was kinda disappointing to conquer the game, then realize it never was hard at any point.

it was cool though, and a pleasure to waste a bit of time on. thanks


the upgrading is nice, graphics are alright, animation is ok... i'd like to play more, but...

thing i don't like about this game, and i've played on different computers to see if it was a computer related issue, is game lags really bad, and makes the gameplay impossible, as i've read in multiple reviews, this doesn't seem to be isolated, and is an annoyance.

hope you find or fix the problem


animation/ effects are good.

couldn't select the large woman, and it was nearly impossible to control the guy in the wheel chair.

good, but not no. 1 in my opinion

great game

for those who are wondering about the goblin level (13).

i found the way to defeat it on epic mode was to have 4 of the following.

1. sky dragon
2. meteor strike (to kill the black imps quickly)
3. invulnerability.
4. patience.

as far as the game itself, would of been nice to have included a turn off button for the music. an autosave feature would of been nice too... other than that, it's addicting.

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